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  • Here’s why Adelaide is emerging as a popular destination in Australia for international students

    • June 16, 2019
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    With cheaper rent, great scholarship opportunities and a multicultural environment that consists of around 38,000 international students from 130 countries all over the world, Adelaide makes for an ideal destination for Indian students to study abroad, writes Andrew Houey

    Australia has for some time now been one of the top destinations for Indian students studying abroad. India sends the second largest number of students to Australia, after China and in 2018 Indian students studying in Australia grew by 24.5% – among the highest of all countries over the last one year. This growth is fuelled by a growing interest in cities such as Adelaide that are breaking through as new centers of excellence in education apart from offering unique opportunities to students to get an early start to their careers.

    Adelaide – the new Education Hub of Australia that is kick-starting careers

    Although most students from India have tended to enroll in universities in Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is emerging as the new star in Australia’s burgeoning education horizon. The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is fast emerging as a top-notch education destination due to its world-class universities. Adelaide has a growing reputation for being “Australia’s Education Hub” and is being marketed internationally as a “learning city” with universities ranking in the top 2% worldwide.

    According to the International Alumni Job Network in 2018 study, 35% of international students studying in Adelaide started their career before they finished their studies, and a further 40% started work within three months of graduating. The study also showed that international students/graduates who studied in Adelaide earned more money at their first job compared to graduates of most other Australian states.
    Adelaide’s dynamic economy, with strength in engineering, professional and IT services and the health and medical sector, provides good opportunities to students who wish to get real-world job experience.

    Sushrut Kulkarni is one such example of a student from India who chose to complete his university education in Adelaide, South Australia. He had no idea that one day it will become his long-term home. Originally from Pune, Maharashtra, Sushrut started a Bachelor’s of Civil and Environmental Engineering student at the University of Adelaide in 2014, attracted by the quality of education offered, the relevance of the degree, the student-friendly nature of the city and the opportunities for career growth. He is now Operations Support Engineer at Australian water and environmental services company TRILITY, after starting as an intern in 2015. Adelaide also has a strong track record in supporting entrepreneurs and startups with innovation hubs, networking forums and collaborative spaces.

    Scholarships, affordability, quality of life – advantage Adelaide

    Grants in financial aid, scholarships, affordability, quality of life and climate make Adelaide an ideal setting for Indian students. Indian students can apply to several government and public as well as institution specific scholarships. In addition, StudyAdelaide, an agency of the Government of South Australia to promote Adelaide as an international study destination has recently launched an Ambassador competition which gives students an opportunity to become student ambassadors and an exciting student package each worth AUD $4,000, or approximately Rs 2 lakhs.

    Cost of living in a city is a major factor for international students and Adelaide is an ideal student city, being sixteen percent more affordable than Melbourne or Sydney. Adelaide also has the lowest median rent in the country. The average weekly living expenses are AUD $500-600. In addition, Adelaide witnesses a Mediterranean climate and is very comfortable for students from India, with summer average temperatures between 17°C – 29°C and winter average temperatures between 7.5°C – 16°C. Adelaide is a friendly and multicultural city, offering a real sense of community as well as a wide range of attractions and entertainment. The city offers great cultural diversity due to 38,000 international students from 130 countries.  It has beaches, festivals and is close to Australia’s nature reserves and the outback. Adelaide is often known as being home to the world-class cricket stadium Adelaide Oval. The city’s world-class layout means you spend less time commuting and more time enjoying student life.

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